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UNIT4, Stone Trading Estate, Milkwood Road, London, SE24 0JU

same location previously known as:

UNIT 38, Mahatma Gandhi Industrial Estate, Milkwood Road, London, SE24 0JF

(Not on Shakespeare Road)


  1. Yuan

    Hello ROBOTS.IO

    I’m currently use the GH plugin for KUKA KR6_AGILLUS R700, and I have a question below:

    how can I output the SRC and DAT file for KUKA ?
    Do I need to use the stream contents of text panel and save as SRC file ?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. aluin

    Hi Yuan, Sorry we didn’t see your comment!!!

    If you have streamed to the Text Panel, then just save as .SRC from the Panel and upload it on a USB. No .DAT file is needed.

    Streaming the code to the Kuka IP address is not really practical, but is possible.

    Hope that helps. Feel free to ask questions on the GH forum: , and we can discuss further. I will disable the comment now so I don’t miss any more questions.